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Hello young ladies - 110cm x 142cm .jpg

HELLO YOUNG LADIES - 110cm x 150cm

Mixed media on canvas, 2019 

Private collection, Washington DC 

Currently i am exploring the role of identity in the making of Uganda's social fabric. It speaks to the tension between its fast growing population versus the availability of public resources that are meant to cater for it. These artworks are executed as a performances where I start by quilting empty food sacks and create tapestries that i eventually use as the backdrop for my models. The quilted sacks denote the seemingly endless need for humanitarian aid in poverty stricken and refugee-hosting countries like Uganda.


As Uganda continues to grapple with road safety issues, in 2013 i was obligated to find creative ways of raising awareness. My campaign is centered around the use of the helmet as a symbol for safety.

In response to the countless Boda Boda related injuries and deaths on Uganda's roads, one has no choice but to take personal responsibility and do something in whatever capacity you may have. Mine was to use my artistic skills to make the crush helmet more appealing to a regular Boda Boda rider and passenger. This encouraged numerous commuters to purchase and wear crush helmets.  


Design is the foundation of my creative process. It is the embodiment of aesthetics in my visual artwork, and also extends into how I think about decor and fashion. I strive to foster identity and evoke style and purpose among East Africans as well as others who seek to immerse themselves in Uganda's vibrant social scene, its cultural diversity and the significance of Rwandan traditions. 

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